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Graphene is one of the most versatile nanomaterial, capable of solving ubiquitous global challenges related to clean energy, water and air. However, the commercialization of graphene-based technologies has been delayed due to high cost of production and lack of efficient processes for sustainable and customizable production of graphene. In addition, to cater to the graphene requirement worldwide, the manufacturing process needs to be scalable.

Considering these shortcomings in current production methods, Terracarb has developed a proprietary technology for the scalable manufacturing (up to 5000 metric ton/year) of graphene. This method involves the utilization of biomass-based precursors, that aids in the preparation of graphene without using conventionally sought, harsh chemical precursors.

With our proprietary technology, we would be able to fine-tune the chemical and/or physical properties of graphene, during the production process, aiding in the preparation of graphene with versatile properties. We envisage this to be a very important step toward developing graphene-based products for different industry verticals, at the most minimal capital expenditure and lead-time.