Terracarb is a Deep-science enterprise, developing Graphene-based solutions for the Energy Storage sector. Our patent-pending technology for Graphene production involves the use of non-graphitic precursors in a circular-economy driven production process, which enables a sustainable production process.

Also, this process could be readily scaled to manufacture up to 5000 MT of Graphene per annum, at one-fifth of the current global average cost of Graphene.

Besides, Terracarb is one of the few enterprises globally to have developed a scalable technology platform for chemical and physical modification of Graphene, enabling the direct use of our Graphene in more than 10 Industrial verticals.

Hence, by utilizing high-volume production chemicals and conventional industrial processes, Terracarb intends to democratize the use of Graphene across industries, thereby improving the efficiency of available industrial processes/products/systems and aid in the development of new technologies, which ceased to exist earlier.

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